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Friday, September 29, 2006

Germany vs Islam?

So I'm sitting here watching a report on FOX News Channel about how Germans have given up their bad attitudes and reached out to the Muslim world. It's all a (non) story about the Nazis, etc, and how the Germans felt guilty about WW2 and all that stuff.
The story goes on to describe how the Germans now feel betrayed because of Islamic terrorism in Europe and around the world.
But hold everything!!!! The Nazis didn't abuse the Muslims during WW2. Really, they didn't!! As a matter of fact, Hitler saw the people living in Muslim areas of the Soviet Union as potential allies.
The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin knew this, and went so far as to transport a majority of the populations of Chechnya and Soviet Georgia to Siberia during the war, fearing a potential uprising by those Islamic populations.
How do I know this? Try reading this: "Russia At War, 1941-1945", a very comprehensive account of the Eastern front in WW2 from the Russian perspective.
I read the book, by Alexander Werth (a Russian born British correspondent in the Soviet Union during WW2), and all of what I said is in there.
That's one of the reasons the people in Chechnya are still committing terrorist acts vs Russia today.
But the idea that the Nazis abused Muslims is not supported by historical fact. If anything, Hitler was glad he had another potential ally against the Jews. He cultivated that as long as it was to his advantage, hence the response from Stalin.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

AP Photographer Has Strong Terrorist Ties

In this piece from Michelle Malkin (click the title bar), there is ample evidence that AP photograper Bilal Hussein has stong ties to the terrorists in Iraq.
That being the case, and if it is as blatant as Michelle seems to have established, then AP should be indicted on conspiracy charges by the FEDS.
From Michelle's blog:

"We want the rule of law to prevail. He either needs to be charged or released. Indefinite detention is not acceptable," said Tom Curley, AP's president and chief executive officer. "We've come to the conclusion that this is unacceptable under Iraqi law, or Geneva Conventions, or any military procedure."

Mr Curley better watch his back, as this sure looks like collaberation with the enemy.

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Iran Leader Ali Khamenei On Pope's Remarks

Click the title bar to read the ridiculous comments of the Ayatollah. Somehow the Jews are now running the Vatican, and the Pope is American, instead of German.
What a crock.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006


So the Pope has made the idiots mad. They are doing the usual, making threats and burning churches. And they call this a religion? I repeat again, it is nothing more than a cult of fanatics, mostly savages, who do not care about basic human rights.
I really hope the Pope stands his ground. It's time to put the animals in their cages.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Looks Like The Pope Got It Right

When Pope Benedict XVI quoted an old text that described Islam as evil, he sure got it right. Now the Islamic Idiots are rioting in the streets. What else is new?
This is more of the same crap we saw when they rioted about the pictures of Mohammad.
As I have said before, it's not a religion, it is a fanatical cult. I'm hoping they really get out of control this time, so the Western (Civilized) part of the world can see the reality.
Click the title bar to read the short piece from My Way News.

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Here's Michelle Malkin on the controversy.

Tammy Bruce's thoughts are here.

Friday, September 15, 2006

So Who Writes The Rules Of Engagement?

It has come to light that the Army passed up attacking a group of Taliban that had congregated for a funeral, because they were at a cemetary. Back in June, a Predator drone revealed the group, but no attack ensued.

"During the observation of the group over a significant period of time, it was determined that the group was located on the grounds of (the) cemetery and were likely conducting a funeral for Taliban insurgents killed in a coalition operation nearby earlier in the day," the statement said. "A decision was made not to strike this group of insurgents at that specific location and time."

It's stuff like this that gets me riled up to no end. Wars are not fought to be nice. They should be fought to win. It seems the lessons of Vietnam have been forgotten. If the enemy fighting you is using certain tactics that are effective, one should use those same tactics when feasible to even the playing field. Instead here is our reaction:

While not giving a reason for the decision, the military concluded the statement saying that while Taliban forces have killed innocent civilians during a funeral, coalition forces "hold themselves to a higher moral and ethical standard than their enemies."

Be nice to your enemy. After all, he only wants to kill you.

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I just ran across a piece on this at Debbie Schlussel's site: click

Don't want her to accuse me of plagiarism. It gets her all riled up.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who Do You Want As The Republican Presidential Nominee?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and vote!

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Lost Parts Of The ABC 9/11 Movie

Click the title bar and go to the site of Traditional Values dot com to see what the Clinton's and other Dems demanded be removed from the ABC miniseries about 9/11.
I watched the film, and it still did a pretty good job of tearing Clinton a new one.
But the edited stuff is worth a look.
HT Michelle Malkin

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Here is a piece from the WSJ online from the film's writer, CYRUS NOWRASTEH. Quite enlightening and a must read.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracking Chips For Safety

I've said this type of thing before, but now I have a new idea. I said we should put tracking chips inside the bodies of any terrorist suspects if they are released, for whatever reason. That way we can track where they go and possibly catch their cohorts.
With the abduction of this American Major Jill Metzger,earlier this week and her subsequent release (fortunately) I have an idea.
BTW, thank goodness she is safe (albeit with a shaved head). But what about this idea? What about offering those who are in harm's way a way to be found, if abducted?
Here's my plan. All members of the armed forces, the press, and other types of potential targets for kidnapping (diplomats, etc) would have a tracking chip inserted under their skin prior to being deployed in the areas of danger. Each chip would have an individual identifier for the individual involved.
It works for my Labrador Retriever.
The chips would have to be transmitters, with a frequency unknown to all but those with the highest security clearances.
Or even better, the chips could be embedded with varying transmission frequencies, based on time or location. With today's technology, that's not a stretch.
With chips as described embedded in the bodies of our people, they would become beacons, guiding rescuers to their rescue, and to the deaths of their abductors.

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Reminder Of Why We Are Fighting

Click the title bar and listen to the words. Remember, if we leave the Middle East, cutting and running the way the losers on the Left want, it's just a matter of time before the savages are at our doorstep again.

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