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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bill Maher On Guns/Iraq

I am watching Bill Maher on HBO, and the commentary has run to the Cho killings at Virginia Tech. Bill admitted that he owns a gun, and doesn't want the Dems to take it away. But in his next sentence, he claims that the NRA wants people to have hollow point bullets and the right to own "Assault Rifles".
First, the NRA has stated that the hollow point bullets are not an issue.
Second, there is no such thing, (in reality) as an ASSAULT RIFLE. Anybody who can define what that is, is full of crap. The only thing different from "assault rifles" and the semi-automatic hunting rifles available to everybody throughout the country is the appearance of that weapon. Just because a weapon looks like it is a military weapon, it becomes an "assault rifle".
On Iraq, Bill has agreed with Harry Reid that the Iraq war is lost. Stupid is as stupid does.
There are numerous blogs that have pointed out that the soldiers in Iraq think that Reid (and Maher) should shut up.
Here is an excellent analysis of Reid's stupidity.
Senator Reid should at least be censured by the Senate. For the good of the country, he should resign.

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Blogger yanni3003 said...

The Pentagon has cracked down on GI's blogs demanding that the content be approved before posting, therefore I wouldn't put too much stock into a soldier's blog.

Creating a link to other blogs that edit information to support their own opinions is misleading.

26 April, 2007 17:27  
Blogger Craig C said...

You might want to rethink that. Try clicking on the Tim Boggs link on the sidebar of my blog.

26 April, 2007 18:02  
Blogger yanni3003 said...

Rethink what?

27 April, 2007 10:09  
Blogger yanni3003 said...

Rethink what?

27 April, 2007 10:09  
Blogger Craig C said...

Your claim that the military is censoring milblogs.

27 April, 2007 16:27  
Blogger yanni3003 said...

Why would the Pentagon need to censor his blog? He's incredibly pro-government and pro-war.

The ones being censored are the ones that try to speak up against the administration.

28 April, 2007 09:55  
Blogger yanni3003 said...

Why would the Pentagon censor him? He's incredibly pro-Bush and pro-war.

The ones being censored are the ones that aren't.

28 April, 2007 09:56  
Blogger Craig C said...

That's not even close to true. Try reading some of the stuff from last year.

28 April, 2007 20:55  

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