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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aussies Have The Right Idea On Terrorism

I just ran across this piece on how Australia is coping with the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism.
The US & British governments should give it a try. But I won't hold my breath.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Harry Reid Thinks The Illegals Are Already Americans

So Harry Reid has just admitted, on his own website, that the current Scamnesty is intended exactly as has been described by those of us who respect the rule of law have been saying. It is intended to make the Illegals US citizens. That is the only reason for the legislation.
Towards the bottom of the piece below it is as plain as day: "...bring the 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows,.."


June 4, 2007

Reid: In June, Democrats Will Continue To Fight To Change Course In Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following remarks today on the floor of the U.S. Senate:

Over the Memorial Day recess, I attended a service at Southern Nevada Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City. I am grateful beyond words for the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform from Nevada and all across America. In this work period, we will continue to do everything we can to honor their sacrifice with a responsible end to the Iraq war.

During the recess week, I had the opportunity to visit with many Nevadans. The war was foremost on their minds. They also expressed concern on the burden of record high gas prices, and the need to reform our immigration laws. I assured them that those issues would be foremost in the work period ahead.

On the first day of the 110th Congress, Democrats introduced bills reflecting the ten priorities that America sent us here to address. Last Friday we concluded a seven week work period, and we have taken action on seven of those ten priorities:

We passed the toughest ethics and lobbying reform in our nation’s history.
We passed a much deserved and long overdue raise in the federal minimum wage for working people, which was signed into law last week.
We attempted to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices, but this effort was filibustered by Republicans.
We passed the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission, after they had been pushed aside for years.
For the second year in a row, we voted to give the hope of stem cell research to millions of Americans who suffer, and will soon send that bill to the President.
We passed a balanced budget that restores fiscal discipline and puts the middle class first – cutting their taxes while increasing investment in education, veterans’ care and children’s health care.
And we began debate on the complex and crucial issue of immigration reform.
This week, we will vote on cloture and final passage of a comprehensive bill that will strengthen border security, bring the 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows, and keep our economy strong. In the days ahead, we will work to improve the bill to protect and strengthen family ties while improving the structure of the temporary-worker program.

How much more proof do we need?

If you click the title bar of this piece, it will take you to Reid's website so you can see it for yourself. My guess is it will be pulled down soon, so go their quickly, before it disappears.

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Fund Raising For Fred

Scroll down to find a link to donate to Fred Thompson's Presidential effort.
I can't figure out how to get it on the side bar below the links. So I had to put it at the bottom.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Latest Scamnesty Bill

Here is a piece I wrote the other night:

Among my pet peeves with most of these amnesty bills, there are several issues that need to be addressed, that are not.
First, the building of such a short fence (400 miles?) Is not worth the money spent on it. The miles of unfenced border would need constant surveillance afterward. That would cost taxpayers dollars perpetually into the future, as border patrol agents would be needed to cover all the rest of the unfenced area. Hence, the fence/wall needs to cover the entire length of the US border with Mexico. If the situation warrants, a similar wall needs to be constructed on the North border with Canada, but that can wait until the Southern border is secured.
Second, the "Anchor Baby" issue is not addressed. Any child born inside the United States normally is automatically a citizen. That needs to be ended. Any child born inside the US to Illegal Infiltrators cannot be allowed automatic US citizenship.
Third, the penalties for hiring illegals are still not strong enough. If it is made a felony (Federal Offence) to hire illegals, with mandatory jail time for the owner/CEO of the hiring businesses, the Illegals will not so easily get a job. That will cause them to "self deport".
Fourth, the granting of any social services to Illegals needs to be immediately halted, as it is a drain on our tax base and infrastructure. This includes Education and Medical Care. In addition, it needs to be a crime to allow the housing of Illegals.
Fifth, all cities that do not help defend the US by enforcing Federal Immigration Law need to be sanctioned for this. As many cities have called themselves "Sanctuary Cities", this has not been the case up to now. The Mayors and City Councils of those cities need to be brought up on Federal charges, which would remove those individuals permanently from Public Office, as those individuals have all violated their oaths of office. Jail time is appropriate as well.
Additionally, the idea that sanctions against the Illegals somehow "violates their rights" is fictitious. The Illegals, as lawbreakers and non-citizens should be granted NO RIGHTS. They should not be allowed to sue the US government or US citizens for the actions of US those citizens or US officials, including any action performed by Border Patrol agents. As a follow-up to this, any agent or US citizens currently in jail or being sued by Illegals needs to be immediately returned to the safety of their homes and lost jobs, and fully exonerated from all of the charges levied against them to date.
The government of Mexico has allowed this invasion across their border into the US, and even encouraged it by assisting the Infiltrators with maps and information on how to get into the US and how to negotiate the US legal system. That being the case, the US needs to send a bill to Mexico for each and every illegal captured inside the US. The amount of the bill will be based on the egregiousness of the offences committed by the Infiltrator. The money to pay these bills can be taken out of the money the US pays to Mexico for the oil it buys from it.
Since the Illegals will no longer have any rights, the US government needs to send a bill to the ACLU, for all legal fees accrued to date in its efforts on behalf of the Illegals.
I don't believe any of the above items are in the current bill, and until they are, NO BILL passes the smell test for me.

I sent the above in an email to my Senators and my Congressman here in Iowa. Haven't heard from two of them. Senator Grassley did respond with an auto respose, which is the same as no response, I guess.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Anti Infiltrator March Planned

There is an anti Illegal Infiltrator march planned for this June. It is supposed to take place on June 14-15-16. Click the title of this piece to go to the website of the planners.
Sounds like a noble effort, just hope there is enough reponse. I plan to go to Des Moines on June 16 with my Mexican flag with the slashed red circle on top of it.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fred Barnes Is Lost On Illegals

I'm watching FOX NEWS right now. It is the show called "Special Report With Britt Hume". Fred Barnes is one of the panelists. The opening subject was the latest ridiculous attempt by the Senate to fool the country into accepting the Illegal Infiltrators as OK. Amnesty, etc....You know the drill by now. Anyway, the panel was commenting on emails they had received from viewers based on the panel's discussion that occured yesterday about the latest immigration sellout.
So Fred Barnes, who pretends to be a Conservative, trys to claim that those who are against the latest immigration sellout bill are against ALL IMMIGRATION!!!!.
Hey Fred!!! If that were the case, wouldn't all those fine upstanding citizens have been lobbying Congress along those lines for years? Why are they just now "coming out of the woodwork" to state their Xenophobic (as you describe them) attitudes?
My take on it is, you are full of it, Fred. My best friend has a Mexican wife. As a matter of fact, she originally came to the US illegally. But the necessary paperwork was completed and the legal waiting time was adhered to. She is now a US citizen.
Hey Fred!! My friend and his wife DO NOT FAVOR ILLEGAL INFILTRATORS. They are in favor of loosening up the legal immigration rules to allow a more realistic number of immigrants to enter the US. But they ARE NOT IN FAVOR OF AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL INFILTRATORS.
Your claim that the viewers and emailers who are against the latest Immigration Sellout Bill are against all immigration is specious.
Here is Chuck Grassley's (US Senator from Iowa) take on it. He emailed me personally about this issue, just today. He has what he calls his "Top 15 flaws with the latest Amnesty (yes, that's what Senator Grassley terms it, amnesty) Program. I will put up the email he sent me, and then add a couple that I believe were overlooked. Here is his email to me:

Dear Mr. C:
Greetings from Washington D.C.
The United States Senate is currently debating an immigration bill that includes an amnesty program for over 12 million illegal aliens who are in the United States. Today, I outlined the top 15 flaws with this amnesty program which is ripe for abuse and rotten for national security.
I voted for amnesty more than 20 years ago. I believed at the time that by giving illegal aliens blanket citizenship, we would solve the problem. I was wrong. We’ve now got at least 12 million people illegal aliens thumbing their nose at our laws. We found out that by rewarding illegality, we only get more illegality.
If the bill passes, the amnesty provisions would allow for illegal aliens to immediately apply for probationary status. If they are approved, the illegal alien would automatically receive a Social Security number and work authorization. In 1-2 years, once certain requirements are met by the federal government, the illegal alien can apply for a “Z” visa for himself, spouse, children and parents over the age of 65. At this point the illegal alien may legally remain in the United States while waiting for the current backlog of visa applications to be cleared. After the backlog is cleared, the illegal can apply for a greencard or renew his/her “Z” visa. For a chart outlining the amnesty process, visit my website: http://grassley.senate.gov .
Thank you for your continued support as we proceed with the immigration bill.
Chuck Grassley
Your Senator

Senator Grassley’s Top 15 Flaws in the Amnesty Program:
· Probationary benefits not subject to the trigger – Probationary benefits, including work authorization, protection from removal, and a social security number are granted to illegal aliens immediately, even if the alien’s background check is not complete.
· Many criminal provisions may be waived – Numerous criminal provisions are waived for eligibility purposes. For example, an alien who falsely claims U.S. citizenship would be considered eligible for amnesty even though it’s a crime.
· Background checks taken too lightly – An illegal alien can apply for probationary status and a Z visa without thorough background checks. Immediately after the bill passes, the alien can apply for probationary legal status and receive a card even if the alien’s background check is not complete.
· Illegal aliens protected from removal – If an alien is in removal proceedings, or being detained, at the time of enactment, the alien can still apply for amnesty. Aliens who apply for amnesty cannot be detained or deported while their application is being processed, essentially giving them immunity from justice.
· Terrorists and criminals can apply for amnesty – The Secretary of Homeland Security is allowed to waive the grounds of ineligibility for those who have an outstanding administrative final order of removal, deportation or exclusion. Currently there are more than 637,000 alien absconders in the United States that have defied orders to leave.
· Taxes – Illegal aliens are required to provide the IRS information about tax payments only when applying for legal permanent residence, if that avenue is pursued. Illegal aliens can skirt the federal, state and local tax laws because its not a requirement to prove one has paid outstanding tax liabilities to get probationary or Z status.
· Limits eligibility to illegal aliens – Creates a Z nonimmigrant visa program for illegal aliens and illegal aliens only. No one else is eligible for this program, particularly those waiting their turn in line. Also, there’s no cap on the number of eligible participants.
· Indefinite renewal for Z nonimmigrant visas – Z nonimmigrant visas are valid for four years and may be renewed indefinitely. This is a disincentive for illegal aliens to pay the $4,000 penalty, touch-back to their home country, prove they’ve paid their taxes, or receive a medical exam.
· Health standards ignored – No medical exam or immunizations are needed to get a Z visa.
· No incentive to learn English – There is no English requirement to get a Z visa. Each Z nonimmigrant must only demonstrate "an attempt to gain an understanding of the English language" upon the first renewal of a Z visa. There are waivers for this requirement.
· Green card applicants not required to return to home country – Green card applications (only for heads of household, not dependents) must be filed in person outside the U.S. but not necessarily in the alien's country of origin. The alien can then reenter (same day) under a Z nonimmigrant visa because it serves as a valid travel document. There are exceptions for this requirement.
· Fines are False and Misleading – Not everyone is required to pay the $5,000 penalty. To get a Z visa, a principal alien (Z-1 or head of household) must pay a $1,000 penalty, a $500 penalty for each dependent, a processing fee, and a $500 state impact fee. Dependents must also pay a processing fee. To renew a Z nonimmigrant visa, each Z visa holder must pay a processing fee no greater than $1,500. To get a greencard, if the alien intends to pursue this route, a Z-1 nonimmigrant must pay a $4,000 penalty. Z-2 (parents and spouse) and Z-3 (children) aliens are only required to pay application fees.
· Fines won’t adequately pay for cost of amnesty – The bulk of the monetary fines are required at the end of the program. All fines may be paid in installments and waivers are available in extraordinary circumstances.
· Impact on state and local government – State impact money will be granted to states to provide services for non-citizens only, instead of providing services to all citizens impacted by the large number of illegal immigrants (school systems, health care services).
· Revocation of terrorist visas – Visas revoked on terrorism grounds would allow Z visa holders to remain in the United States and use the U.S. court system to appeal terrorism charges. The bill, including the amnesty program, does not address visa revocation for any visa holder.

Now here is what my opposition was. I agree with Senator Grassley. But I have a few more problems with the bill:

I oppose the Senate immigration deal. It still rewards the Infiltrators
for crossing into the US illegally. I have read nothing about the "anchor
babies" in this new deal. Any child born to illegals within US borders
should not receive US citizenship status. All costs related to Mexican
illegals should be passed along to the Mexican government. This includes
incarceration and social costs. This means US should send a bill to Mexico
for every illegal who is apprehended inside the US. The money can be
taken from the money that would go to payments for Mexico's oil. Local
governments who call themselves "sanctuary cities" should have all Federal
funds denied for their communities. In addition, the city councils and
mayors of such cities need to be arrested and imprisoned, for a minimum of
five years, with no possibility of parole. They need to be put into
lockups alongside the illegals they so greatly love. The fence should
travel the entire length of the border, not just 200 miles. In addition,
the fence should be able to be effective standing on its own, without the
need of extra agents to patrol it.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Time To Put The Dems' Feet To The Fire

There are a couple of guys who have established a new website to watch over the new majority in Congress. The Majority Accountability Projest is new, and the intent is to point out the stuff that's going on behind the scenes that the Dems don't want you to see. Click the title bar to check it out!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bill Maher On Guns/Iraq

I am watching Bill Maher on HBO, and the commentary has run to the Cho killings at Virginia Tech. Bill admitted that he owns a gun, and doesn't want the Dems to take it away. But in his next sentence, he claims that the NRA wants people to have hollow point bullets and the right to own "Assault Rifles".
First, the NRA has stated that the hollow point bullets are not an issue.
Second, there is no such thing, (in reality) as an ASSAULT RIFLE. Anybody who can define what that is, is full of crap. The only thing different from "assault rifles" and the semi-automatic hunting rifles available to everybody throughout the country is the appearance of that weapon. Just because a weapon looks like it is a military weapon, it becomes an "assault rifle".
On Iraq, Bill has agreed with Harry Reid that the Iraq war is lost. Stupid is as stupid does.
There are numerous blogs that have pointed out that the soldiers in Iraq think that Reid (and Maher) should shut up.
Here is an excellent analysis of Reid's stupidity.
Senator Reid should at least be censured by the Senate. For the good of the country, he should resign.

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