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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Latest Scamnesty Bill

Here is a piece I wrote the other night:

Among my pet peeves with most of these amnesty bills, there are several issues that need to be addressed, that are not.
First, the building of such a short fence (400 miles?) Is not worth the money spent on it. The miles of unfenced border would need constant surveillance afterward. That would cost taxpayers dollars perpetually into the future, as border patrol agents would be needed to cover all the rest of the unfenced area. Hence, the fence/wall needs to cover the entire length of the US border with Mexico. If the situation warrants, a similar wall needs to be constructed on the North border with Canada, but that can wait until the Southern border is secured.
Second, the "Anchor Baby" issue is not addressed. Any child born inside the United States normally is automatically a citizen. That needs to be ended. Any child born inside the US to Illegal Infiltrators cannot be allowed automatic US citizenship.
Third, the penalties for hiring illegals are still not strong enough. If it is made a felony (Federal Offence) to hire illegals, with mandatory jail time for the owner/CEO of the hiring businesses, the Illegals will not so easily get a job. That will cause them to "self deport".
Fourth, the granting of any social services to Illegals needs to be immediately halted, as it is a drain on our tax base and infrastructure. This includes Education and Medical Care. In addition, it needs to be a crime to allow the housing of Illegals.
Fifth, all cities that do not help defend the US by enforcing Federal Immigration Law need to be sanctioned for this. As many cities have called themselves "Sanctuary Cities", this has not been the case up to now. The Mayors and City Councils of those cities need to be brought up on Federal charges, which would remove those individuals permanently from Public Office, as those individuals have all violated their oaths of office. Jail time is appropriate as well.
Additionally, the idea that sanctions against the Illegals somehow "violates their rights" is fictitious. The Illegals, as lawbreakers and non-citizens should be granted NO RIGHTS. They should not be allowed to sue the US government or US citizens for the actions of US those citizens or US officials, including any action performed by Border Patrol agents. As a follow-up to this, any agent or US citizens currently in jail or being sued by Illegals needs to be immediately returned to the safety of their homes and lost jobs, and fully exonerated from all of the charges levied against them to date.
The government of Mexico has allowed this invasion across their border into the US, and even encouraged it by assisting the Infiltrators with maps and information on how to get into the US and how to negotiate the US legal system. That being the case, the US needs to send a bill to Mexico for each and every illegal captured inside the US. The amount of the bill will be based on the egregiousness of the offences committed by the Infiltrator. The money to pay these bills can be taken out of the money the US pays to Mexico for the oil it buys from it.
Since the Illegals will no longer have any rights, the US government needs to send a bill to the ACLU, for all legal fees accrued to date in its efforts on behalf of the Illegals.
I don't believe any of the above items are in the current bill, and until they are, NO BILL passes the smell test for me.

I sent the above in an email to my Senators and my Congressman here in Iowa. Haven't heard from two of them. Senator Grassley did respond with an auto respose, which is the same as no response, I guess.

I'll be back



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