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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Foreign Names Mispronounced On TV, Purposeful?

I have been criticized by some for my attacks on the efforts of many to allow illegal immigration to continue. What usually occurs is an attack against me personally, for being "racist". Those who attack me thus are all supporters of the Latino infiltrators.
Now, over the years of my life (55) I have noticed one way that many people "get in their jab", so to speak, against those they dislike or disagree with. They mispronounce their names. On purpose.
It's an obvious tactic, at least to me, and it harkens to a "Junior High" mentality.
Having moved out here to Iowa a little less than two years ago, I have heard quite a few mispronunciations of Hispanic names and words. I have taken those situations in stride, as I don't feel the average Midwesterner to be racist against Hispanic people. Factually, I have helped those who don't know how to pronounce words with Hispanic roots. I do it to help, not ridicule. It's the teacher deep down inside me.
So what's my point? I've been stewing on this for a while. But today a Major League Baseball game triggered this diatribe.
Being from Los Angeles, I was a die hard LA Dodgers Baseball fan. I still check on the team's success, occasionally. I was clicking through my cable TV listings, and noticed the Dodgers were going to come on the local cable feed vs the St Louis Cardinals. The feed is from the Cardinals local TV broadcast, with the Cardinals team announcers. (St Louis Channel 11).
The game is pretty much gone, with the Cardinals leading 6-2. A Dodgers player with the last name of Seanez is batting. The announcers call him "Signs". No BS. They pronounced his name "Signs". Both announcers. Several times.
The correct pronunciation is "see-ah-nezz" as best I can put it. Did they do it on purpose? Do they dislike Hispanics? I don't think that's the case. But local Hispanics are probably not happy.
The more paramount example of this had occured a week ago, and then again on Friday night, on FOX News Channel. Sheppard Smith, who is one of the top announcers on FOX, was talking about the "American Terrorist" Jose Padilla.
Shep pronounced the name "pah-dill-ah". Dill, like dill pickle. The actual Hispanic pronunciation is: "pah-dee-ya", as best as I know.
This doesn't seem to be a FOX thing, because other announcers on the channel do pronounce the name correctly.
But it happened twice, with a split of days of at least five or six. During that time frame, somebody could have (should have) told Shep how to pronounce the name.
Is Shep's mispronunciation purposeful? I'm not sure. I do know that I don't stoop to that type of sophomoric BS. When I write something critical about somebody, it's based on what they've done or said. Not on how their name is spelled.

I'll be back


Peace With Islam? Yeah, Right

Click the title bar for the entire piece. From the Absurd Report, (it's in the links here on my site) this piece again points out the false facade of Islam. The idea that it is a "Religion of Peace" is, on the face of it, empirically seen to be a charade.

Islam, the self proclaimed “religion” of peace and love cannot stop killing its own people in the name of Islam and Allah. Islam is a religion that proclaims murder is wrong, and the killing of a fellow Muslim absolutely forbidden. Despite that, Muslims seem to have no problem killing a fellow Muslim if it is convenient or will lead to one sect having more power than another.

But we, as Americans (infidels) cannot stray from that false claim.

While American forces take great care not to violate any religious law by even entering a mosque, Muslims can blow up mosques and kill fellow Muslims who are praying to Allah and no one within the so-called “moderate Muslim” ranks utters a peep of condemnation.

Let an American soldier be accused of killing an Iraqi civilian and the howl of outrage and the blood-lust for revenge is heard from one Iraqi border to the other and reverberates throughout the Muslim world. But as Muslims commit mass murder within Islam, the Islamic leaders around the world turn a blind eye.

The "Religion of Peace" has never been peaceful.

The split within Islam began the day Mohammed died and it has grown more violent ever since. There is a good reason for this: Islam is a violent and warring belief. It is so violent that if unable to kill a perceived enemy, it turns on its own, ending lives in a hail of bullets or in a premeditated explosion from a suicide bomber. The killers are then instantly dubbed martyrs-for-Allah for killing fellow Muslims who did not follow Islam as their sect interprets Islam.

This "Religion of Tolerance" has never been tolerant.

For the most part, Christianity has been purged from the Middle East. While some countries have a small minority of Christians, they are persecuted and tormented and in many cases, they are not even allowed to be citizens of the country of their birth because they are not Muslim. In most Islamic countries, non-Muslims cannot own land and their children are not allowed to attend the better schools.

This "Religion of Peace" is not peaceful.

Now there has been a brutal attack in India with hundreds dead and injured. Some will say that this has nothing to do with the war America is involved in. Only the foolish believe this. Whether it is the attack on 9/11, London, Madrid, Russia, Bali, and now India, the common denominator in all these attacks is Islam. Attacks have been thwarted in Australia, Canada, England, France, and the United States.

Terrorism? Islam.

This is a war against the ideology of Islam. It is Islam that is behind nearly every terrorist attack in the world today. There is not a day that passes that someone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, does not die at the hands of a follower of Islam. It is not possible to have peace with a “religion” that only believes in war.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Democracy May Not Be The Cure All For Terrorism: McCarthy

Click the title bar, and read a well thought out piece from The National Review Online. Andy McCarthy makes a strong case against President Bush's ideas that Democracy will save the Middle East from Radical Islam.

Democracy promotion as a goal of national policy is fine and admirable. On the other hand, selling democratization as a complete, self-contained response to terrorism is nothing beyond a more appealing manifestation of the regnant political correctness that induces us to call this enterprise the "war on terror" lest we offend anyone by mentioning who the enemy is. Wouldn't it be wonderful to believe that the problem wasn't a religious doctrine but rather the denial of a great aspiration — freedom — that we just happen to be in a noble position to provide?

But it's a fiction. The terrorists don't want to kill us because they have been deprived of freedom. They want to kill us because they believe their religion tells them that is what they are required to do. It is why they continue to try to kill us even when they live in very comfortable democratic circumstances. Freedom is not a cure for what ails them.

In addition, McCarthy could have pointed out that the Palestinians voted democratically to install a government that is MADE UP OF TERRORISTS!

I'll be back


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Crime Spree In D.C. Undeterred By Gun Laws

Click the title bar for the Breitbart piece.

So with the most Draconian gun laws in the nation, Washington, DC has seen violent crimes on the rise in recent months. In at least one case, individuals were assaulted at KNIFE POINT.

...Alan Senitt, was attacked in the Georgetown area on Sunday, his throat was slit and police say the attackers attempted to rape his companion...

Others have been robbed at gunpoint. Looks like the bad guys have seen the ripe fruit on the trees in DC. With the average law-abiding individual unarmed, the attacks will continue.

An armed citizen is a safer citizen.

I'll be back


Too Many Illegals? Mr Bush, It's Time To Be Like Ike

Click the title bar for the piece from the Christian Science Monitor.

In the 1950's President Eisenhower managed to reduce the population of illegals in the border states with a massive roundup. Why not do the same today?

on June 17, 1954, what was called "Operation Wetback" began. Because political resistance was lower in California and Arizona, the roundup of aliens began there. Some 750 agents swept northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day. By the end of July, over 50,000 aliens were caught in the two states. Another 488,000, fearing arrest, had fled the country.

Worked then. Will work now

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Judge Rules In Favor Of Christian College Group On Gay Rights Issue

Click the title bar for the entire piece. A judge has ruled in favor of a Christian group on campus at Southern Illinois University, in its attempt to prevent homosexuals from joining the group. Gay Rights advocates have said the group's rules need to be changed, to allow membership in the group for homosexuals. The Christians have said that same gender sex violates their religious beliefs. It is also apparent that other groups on campus have not been so challenged:

The appeals court also questioned whether Southern Illinois was enforcing its rules fairly. Under several Supreme Court rulings, a key test of whether a public entity’s rules are constitutional is whether they are “viewpoint neutral.” In this case, the appeals court found that the policy met that requirement on “its face,” but it cited “strong evidence” that the Christian group was held to a higher standard than other groups. The court said that other religious groups limited membership to those of their faith, and that a women’s group admitted women only — in apparent violation of the policy — without losing their recognition.

Other courts have ruled the other way, in similar cases.
It's just a matter of time before the Supreme Court gets involved.

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Florida Governor Credits Reduced Crime There To Right To Carry Laws

Click the title bar for the entire piece.

Jeb Bush has come out and said, point blank, that legal guns stop the bad guys.

"This report shows that staying tough on crime works," said Bush. "Law abiding citizens that have guns for protection actually probably are part of the reason we have a lower crime rate."

A law passed last year in Florida that allows a person to defend himself with deadly force (called the "shoot your neighbor law" by gun control nuts) is given the main credit:

"You send a real powerful signal when you know the citizen has a good potential of being armed and doesn't have to back off anymore," said John Birch, president of the Illinois-based Concealed Carry, Inc.

Good news for us gun toting NRA life members. HOO RAH!!

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Terrorist On "Dry Run" At Airport In Houston

So this Middle Eastern guy is getting on an airplane in Houston, and is asked if he has a laptop computer. He says no, yet when his bag is X-Rayed, there is a laptop in his luggage. (Click the title bar for the entire piece.)
So they check him further:

A search of the man's baggage revealed a clock with a 9-volt battery taped to it and a copy of the Quran, the report said. A screener examined the man's shoes and determined that the "entire soles of both shoes were gutted out."

So what do the authorities do? Nothing. That's right, they allow the guy to get on board. Maybe we need another attack? The Houston police who were present at the time give this lame excuse:

"Our job is not to be the gatekeepers," police Capt. Dwayne Ready said. "That burden falls squarely on the airline and TSA to make that final decision.

But the TSA people disagree:

TSA spokeswoman Andrea McCauley said screeners have the authority to stop people from going beyond the checkpoint to the boarding areas, but they rely heavily on local police.

"It's just agencies talking with each other," Ready said, downplaying the disagreement.

It seems nobody wanted to take action:

a confidential TSA report obtained by the Houston Chronicle details a dispute between screeners and a police officer on duty at the airport.

So while Rome burned, Nero fiddled.

I know one thing, I'm not going through Houston's airport.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Are You Against Gay Marriage?

I received this email today. It's worth the time, I think. Click the title bar to participate in the protest.

This is an urgent call for you to join our formal protest to ABC News of a blatant attempt to distort what Americans believe about a key social issue of our time -- gay "marriage."
The new anchor of ABC's World News Tonight -- Charles Gibson -- didn't waste any time recently in showing his bias in favor of same-sex "marriage."

Gibson's bias was painfully obvious. Even as his own network's poll revealed overwhelming public opposition to same-sex marriage, Gibson reported: "Americans are fairly evenly split on this issue."

The ABC News poll found that Americans say: "Same-sex marriage should be illegal," by a 58 to 36-percent margin.

And Gibson calls that an even split!

Join our protest. Click here and demand that ABC News retract Gibson's lie and tell the truth about what America really thinks.

This is a case of liberal media bias crossing the line from "spin" to outright falsehood. It smacks of the totalitarian Big Lie technique -- repeat a lie often enough and people will start believing it.


During the same broadcast, an ABC reporter clearly stated that "forty-five of fifty states have passed either constitutional amendments or laws banning same-sex marriage."

Forty-five out of fifty is no "even split," but even that overwhelming statistic didn't stop Gibson.

He repeated the Big Lie twice more!

Interviewing his ABC colleague George Stephanopoulos, Gibson asked: "Why does the White House think this is a political winner for the President if indeed we're split?"

Gibson then repeated what even Stephanopoulos -- formerly Bill Clinton's White House spin-meister - had to admit was nothing but the Democratic party's spin on the issue. Gibson inquired, "why, if the votes are not there for this constitutional amendment, does the Senate spend three days on this issue when there are a lot of issues that perhaps they could do something about it?"

Such flagrant liberal media bias directly attacking the foundational institution of our civilization -- marriage -- must be challenged.

Click here to demand that ABC News correct the record and retract Gibson's Big Lie.

Eternal vigilance, Thomas Jefferson said, is the price of our liberties.

And Edmund Burke reminded us that "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

If we do nothing now to immediately confront ABC on this issue, the evil of gay "marriage" will be that much closer to eventual triumph.

We've made it easy for you to help. Click here to join our formal protest to ABC News.

And we all have friends, family members and colleagues who feel the same way we do about so-called "same-sex marriage" and the LIES the liberal media keep telling about the American people's support for it. I'm making sure every one of my contacts who agrees with me receives this e-mail so they can protest to ABC News, too, and I hope you will do the same. Please FORWARD this e-mail to at least four of your like-minded contacts NOW.

And then click here to immediately add your name to our protest to ABC News.


Doug Mills
Executive Director

P.S. In our full-time quest to fight bias and demand the truth from the increasingly liberal national media, your participation and support are key. So, if you have not done so already, forward this e-mail to at least four of your like-minded contacts and click here now to protest the liberal media's Big Lie on "same-sex marriage."

To contact the MRC with comments or questions, please write to info@FightMediaBias.org.
To unsubscribe, please go to: https://www.fightmediabias.org/unsub.asp.
The Media Research Center is a research and education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible for income tax purposes. Media Research Center, 325 S. Patrick Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Michael Goodwin: It's WW III

A little bit late, but New York Daily News Columnist Michael Goodwin has figured out that we are in WW III.
Bill O'Reilly has been saying it since the Twin Towers fell. I have been saying it since the USS Cole was attacked.
Chipping away at the barriers that are blinders over the eyes of the MSM's and the public at large. That's what the job of us Pro-American bloggers is.
Click the title bar. There is an archive file on the left side of the site.

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Greg Gutfeld On An Inconvenient Al Gore

From the Huffington Post, here's a hilarious review of Al Gore's global warming flick. Quite funny, really. (Click the title bar)

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PS Be sure to check out all of the Loons' comments afterwards

Friday, July 07, 2006

Latest Terrorist Threat Thwarted

Click the title bar, and read what will become an interesting jabbing match between the Left and those who understand reality. Surely, the NY Times and other anti American news sources (BBC, AP, Reuters etc) will try to find out how they didn't know what sort of anti-terror tactics were used to facilitate this success.
We all know that if those tactics were known about by the MSM's it would have already been revealed.
And the chances of this success would have been greatly reduced.

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Another Voice For Action On Iran

Mark Steyn has this superb piece in City Journal on the real threat posed by Iran and why it's time to act. If we wait for the Iranian people to overthrow the government, it may be too late.

The bad cop/worse cop routine the mullahs and their hothead President Ahmadinejad are playing in this period of alleged negotiation over Iran’s nuclear program is the best indication of how all negotiations with Iran will go once they’re ready to fly. This is the nuclear version of the NRA bumper sticker: “Guns Don’t Kill People. People Kill People.” Nukes don’t nuke nations. Nations nuke nations

Click the title bar for the entire piece, and then start to let your members of Congress know we can't wait any longer.

I'll be back


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Wants To Live In Venezuela?

Click the title bar. Watch her rant. Then help our country get rid of this idiot by putting together the funds necessary to send her (one way) to South America.
I will start an account for donations if enough people are interested.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin agrees: here
UPDATE II: 300 Bucks for ticket:here

I'll be back


Are Demonstrations Important?

I have written about demonstrations by the Left, and how I feel they generally serve to further entrench those who already disagree with the demonstrators. Hence, I don't run out in the streets chanting and doing other foolish things, as I see those who do as infantile, at best. It reminds me of the little baby who throws a temper tantrum, when the authorities (parents) lay down the law. In today's society, the Left has trouble dealing with the rule of law, (except when activist Leftie judges interfere on their behalf) so they run around chanting and waving signs that contain personal attacks against whomever they feel has caused their latest personal angst.
George Bush, of course is a prime target for these morons.
Since I hold quite strongly to these feelings, I felt no desire to run out to New York and demonstrate in front of the NY Times building the other day. There was a small turnout for the event, and now the Left is ridiculing the low number of "moonbats" they saw out there on the sidewalk.
I even had a commenter write, regarding my recent post on Tammy Bruce's piece about what the NY Times might have printed back in the days of Paul Revere. Now what that had to do with the demonstration in front of the Times building, I'm not sure, since neither Tammy nor I advocated participation in the event. So basically the comments were a non-sequiter. In part, here's what was said:

"...look up the giant anti-New York Times protest in DC. You'll see some photos. Find the ones of Michelle Malkin and the other fifteen or twenty sign-carriers,..."

I didn't post the comment, as it contained personal attacks, which I do not regard as being worth the time of day.

In addition, there was a link put in the comment, "http://glenngreenwald.blogspot.com"
just like that, unclickable. It can be cut and pasted into your browser, if you want to read a bunch of Leftie propaganda. Bush lied, blah blah, Conservatives have no brains, blah blah, etc. The title of the piece is "Light holiday fare", in case you need to hunt for it at the site.
This piece is so full of holes one could drive a semi-tractor trailer through it. It contains numerous links that do not link to what is implied by their context in the piece.
And best of all, the author begins with this preamble:

For the past 10 years, I was a litigator in NYC specializing in First Amendment challenges, civil rights cases, and corporate and securities fraud matters. I am the author of the New York Times Best-Selling book, How Would A Patriot Act?, a critique of the Bush administration's use of executive power, released May, 2006.

I checked the NY Times bestseller list for non-fiction. I'm assuming the author thinks he is writing non-fiction....maybe that's why I couldn't find it. Heh-Heh-Heh.

Here is the list, from the Times:

1 GODLESS, by Ann Coulter. (Crown Forum, $27.95.) The columnist argues that liberalism is a religion with sacraments, a creation myth and a clergy. 2 3
2 WISDOM OF OUR FATHERS, by Tim Russert. (Random House, $22.95.) The host of "Meet the Press'' presents readers' letters about their fathers in responseto his book "Big Russ and Me.'' 1 5
3 MARLEY & ME, by John Grogan. (Morrow, $21.95.) A newspaper columnist and his wife learn some life lessons from their neurotic dog. 3 36
4 DISPATCHES FROM THE EDGE, by Anderson Cooper. (HarperCollins, $24.95.) The CNN correspondent describes a year of covering the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina. 4 5
5 THE ONE PERCENT DOCTRINE, by Ron Suskind. (Simon & Schuster, $27.) An investigation of the Bush administration's strategic thinking and of the role of ideology and personality in the decision to go to war. 1
6 THE WORLD IS FLAT, by Thomas L. Friedman. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $27.50; updated and expanded edition, $30.) A columnist for The New York Times analyzes 21st-century economics and foreign policy. 5 64
7 MAYFLOWER, by Nathaniel Philbrick. (Viking, $29.95.) How America began, from the author of "In the Heart of the Sea." 6 7
8 MYTHS, LIES, AND DOWNRIGHT STUPIDITY, by John Stossel. (Hyperion, $24.95.) The "20/20" anchor questions conventional wisdom. 7 7
9 FREAKONOMICS, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. (Morrow, $25.95.) A maverick scholar applies economic thinking to everything from sumo wrestlers who cheat to legalized abortion and the falling crime rate. First Chapter 9 63
10 MY LIFE IN & OUT OF THE ROUGH, by John Daly with Glen Waggoner. (HarperCollins, $25.95.) A memoir by the bad-boy golf champion. 8 7
11 ARMED MADHOUSE, by Greg Palast. (Dutton, $25.95.) A collection of articles about the war on terror, the 2008 election and other topics by an investigative reporter. 2
12 HEAT, by Bill Buford (Knopf, $25.95.) An editor changes his life by apprenticing in a restaurant kitchen. 13 2
13 A HECKUVA JOB, by Calvin Trillin. (Random House, $12.95.) The humorist, essayist and novelist takes on the Bush administration in verse. 1
14 BLINK, by Malcolm Gladwell. (Little, Brown, $25.95.) The author of "The Tipping Point" explores the importance of hunch and instinct to the workings of the mind. First Chapter 15 70
15 THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA, by Michael Pollan. (Penguin Press, $26.95.) Tracking dinner from the soil to the plate, a journalist juggles appetite and conscience. 7
16 * DON'T MAKE A BLACK WOMAN TAKE OFF HER EARRINGS, by Tyler Perry (Riverhead, $23.95.) The man behind "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" muses on life. 10

Also Selling
17 MOCKINGBIRD, by Charles J. Shields (Holt)
18 AMERICA: THE LAST BEST HOPE, VOL. I, by William J. Bennett (Nelson Current/Thomas Nelson)

19 BEYOND BAND OF BROTHERS, by Dick Winters with Cole C. Kingseed (Berkley)
20 STUMBLING ON HAPPINESS, by Daniel Gilbert (Knopf)
21 THE NASTY BITS, by Anthony Bourdain (Bloomsbury)
22 POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS, by Augusten Burroughs (St. Martin’s)
23 HOSTILE TAKEOVER, by David Sirota (Crown)

24 GUESTS OF THE AYATOLLAH, by Mark Bowden (Atlantic) First Chapter
25 MANHUNT, by James L. Swanson (Morrow)
26 CLEMENTE, by David Maraniss (Simon & Schuster) First Chapter
27 THE BIG BAM, by Leigh Montville (Doubleday) First Chapter
28 WE ARE THEIR HEAVEN, by Allison DuBois (Fireside/Simon & Schuster)
29 GOOD TO GREAT, by Jim Collins (HarperBusiness)
30 THE MIGHTY AND THE ALMIGHTY, by Madeleine Albright with Bill Woodward (HarperCollins)
31 I HAD THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT . . . , by Ron White (Dutton)
32 MY LIFE IN FRANCE, by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme (Knopf) First Chapter
33 UNCOMMON CARRIERS, by John McPhee (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) First Chapter
34 THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, by Chris Gardner (Amistad)
35 FUN HOME, by Alison Bechdel (Houghton Mifflin)

So the author starts off with a lie. Not a good way to get the audience on one's side, unless that audience is already your friend and won't take the time to check on one's statements.
He even goes so far as to include comments from his readers as part of his piece, as if those comments were part of the original writing. Lame, to say the least.
Ridiculing the Right for not acting like a bunch of loons running around with signs in the streets is typical of those who don't understand what is considered to be adult behavior.

I'll be back


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tammy Bruce With More On NY Times Treason

Click the title bar and see the latest from Tammy with links to a couple of sites.
The graphic of the NY Times back during the American Revolution is priceless.

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Why The 4th Of July Matters

July 4

ht: Michelle Malkin

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Monday, July 03, 2006

MIT Scientist On Al Gore And Global Warming

Click the title bar and read this piece from Ankle Biting Pundits. Another scientist steps in against Al Gore.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boycott The Times

I have been reading a lot of stuff and advocating that we prosecute the NY & LA Times and those who leaked information to them.
Another way to hurt them is to boycott the papers and those who would advertise on their pages.
Scott at Somerschool has links on his site to make it easy:Click hereto get all the info you need to communicate with those advertisers.

I'll be back


Gerard Vanderleun On NY Times

From Tammy Bruce's blog, click here comes this piece on American Digest.
It takes care of the newspaper's leadership, and their haughty demeanor.

I'll be back


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