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Friday, September 29, 2006

Germany vs Islam?

So I'm sitting here watching a report on FOX News Channel about how Germans have given up their bad attitudes and reached out to the Muslim world. It's all a (non) story about the Nazis, etc, and how the Germans felt guilty about WW2 and all that stuff.
The story goes on to describe how the Germans now feel betrayed because of Islamic terrorism in Europe and around the world.
But hold everything!!!! The Nazis didn't abuse the Muslims during WW2. Really, they didn't!! As a matter of fact, Hitler saw the people living in Muslim areas of the Soviet Union as potential allies.
The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin knew this, and went so far as to transport a majority of the populations of Chechnya and Soviet Georgia to Siberia during the war, fearing a potential uprising by those Islamic populations.
How do I know this? Try reading this: "Russia At War, 1941-1945", a very comprehensive account of the Eastern front in WW2 from the Russian perspective.
I read the book, by Alexander Werth (a Russian born British correspondent in the Soviet Union during WW2), and all of what I said is in there.
That's one of the reasons the people in Chechnya are still committing terrorist acts vs Russia today.
But the idea that the Nazis abused Muslims is not supported by historical fact. If anything, Hitler was glad he had another potential ally against the Jews. He cultivated that as long as it was to his advantage, hence the response from Stalin.

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