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Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracking Chips For Safety

I've said this type of thing before, but now I have a new idea. I said we should put tracking chips inside the bodies of any terrorist suspects if they are released, for whatever reason. That way we can track where they go and possibly catch their cohorts.
With the abduction of this American Major Jill Metzger,earlier this week and her subsequent release (fortunately) I have an idea.
BTW, thank goodness she is safe (albeit with a shaved head). But what about this idea? What about offering those who are in harm's way a way to be found, if abducted?
Here's my plan. All members of the armed forces, the press, and other types of potential targets for kidnapping (diplomats, etc) would have a tracking chip inserted under their skin prior to being deployed in the areas of danger. Each chip would have an individual identifier for the individual involved.
It works for my Labrador Retriever.
The chips would have to be transmitters, with a frequency unknown to all but those with the highest security clearances.
Or even better, the chips could be embedded with varying transmission frequencies, based on time or location. With today's technology, that's not a stretch.
With chips as described embedded in the bodies of our people, they would become beacons, guiding rescuers to their rescue, and to the deaths of their abductors.

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