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Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Anti Terrorism Website

I've been doing a lot of surfing around the net today. Click the title bar for another new website that exposes the linkage between CAIR and terrorism.
Cool site!!

I'll be back



Blogger Jordan said...

"Stage Weapons?

Obviously, Trachtenberg isn’t up on current events. Mr Cho wasn’t a drama student, and did not obtain his weapon from the drama department."

this is a response to your comment on the Yale stage props article and not meant as an attack or even to be posted publicly if you do not wish it.

Ms. Holdren is not suggesting that the angry and deeply troubled young man responsible for murdering his schoolmates was a drama student or that he was even attempting to use stage props. (such an idea is absurd, they are intended for the stage and safety of the actors and technicians, not to mention my lack of knowledge of any show requiring enough handguns and firearms required to fire off as many rounds as Cho did.)

What Holdren is responding to is the ramifications of the new rules and regulations; how they will affect her art and many pieces to come. I believe what she is trying to say is that, rather than skirt the issue and treat adults as thought thought they were fragile as fabrige eggs, we should openly and honestly discuss what is actually happening. and we probably shouldn't eliminate pieces of our vocabulary before the big debate through sensitivity, political correctness or censorship, now is not the time.

reading your comment makes me feel like you didn't actually read the article for the information, but rather that you read it enough to pick a side.

maybe that's what drove Cho to such a maddening end. if you listen to the interview of his former roommates, it seems pretty apparent that he probably felt that everyone was "against him".

rather than continue in our ways or irrationally reacting based simply on emotion to such tragic events, do you think it possible that we can perhaps learn?

24 April, 2007 13:30  
Blogger Craig C said...

I published the comment above because it had to do with a comment I made on the Inside Higher Education website. It is interesting that the reader doesn't understand sarcasm.

I'll be back


26 April, 2007 06:35  
Blogger gregengland said...

Hi Craig:

It's Greg England here, from townhall.com.

Have you ever considered that "Liberty" might be someone else entirely?

17 June, 2007 14:08  

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