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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Judge Rules In Favor Of Christian College Group On Gay Rights Issue

Click the title bar for the entire piece. A judge has ruled in favor of a Christian group on campus at Southern Illinois University, in its attempt to prevent homosexuals from joining the group. Gay Rights advocates have said the group's rules need to be changed, to allow membership in the group for homosexuals. The Christians have said that same gender sex violates their religious beliefs. It is also apparent that other groups on campus have not been so challenged:

The appeals court also questioned whether Southern Illinois was enforcing its rules fairly. Under several Supreme Court rulings, a key test of whether a public entity’s rules are constitutional is whether they are “viewpoint neutral.” In this case, the appeals court found that the policy met that requirement on “its face,” but it cited “strong evidence” that the Christian group was held to a higher standard than other groups. The court said that other religious groups limited membership to those of their faith, and that a women’s group admitted women only — in apparent violation of the policy — without losing their recognition.

Other courts have ruled the other way, in similar cases.
It's just a matter of time before the Supreme Court gets involved.

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