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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Democracy May Not Be The Cure All For Terrorism: McCarthy

Click the title bar, and read a well thought out piece from The National Review Online. Andy McCarthy makes a strong case against President Bush's ideas that Democracy will save the Middle East from Radical Islam.

Democracy promotion as a goal of national policy is fine and admirable. On the other hand, selling democratization as a complete, self-contained response to terrorism is nothing beyond a more appealing manifestation of the regnant political correctness that induces us to call this enterprise the "war on terror" lest we offend anyone by mentioning who the enemy is. Wouldn't it be wonderful to believe that the problem wasn't a religious doctrine but rather the denial of a great aspiration — freedom — that we just happen to be in a noble position to provide?

But it's a fiction. The terrorists don't want to kill us because they have been deprived of freedom. They want to kill us because they believe their religion tells them that is what they are required to do. It is why they continue to try to kill us even when they live in very comfortable democratic circumstances. Freedom is not a cure for what ails them.

In addition, McCarthy could have pointed out that the Palestinians voted democratically to install a government that is MADE UP OF TERRORISTS!

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