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Friday, February 18, 2005

Time To Let Japan Become Militarily Relevant?

Japan has now said it wants to become more militarily relevant in light of the recent attitude of China. The US has protected Japan from foreign aggression ever since the end of World War 2. It's our own fault, of course. We were so paranoid of a future Japan becoming aggressive against its neighbors that we wrote a constitution for them that prevented them from having an armed forces of any consequence. I have been advocating for the last 20 years that Japan should be participating much more in its own defense than it has been. The reason that Japan has been able to dominate the Pacific Sphere economically is that they haven't had to spend much money on a military capability. Instead the US taxpayers have been protecting the area ever since 1945. Now China is building its armed forces at an alarming rate, in an effort to destabilize the balance of power in the area. China claims that Taiwan is the issue. They say that Taiwan is part of China, even though it hasn't been since 1895. The only reason there is any question about the issue is that Japan was foolish enough to bomb Pearl Harbor. They lost their holdings throughout the Pacific, which included Taiwan. We need to allow Japan to upgrade their military, even to the extent of becoming offensively capable. Otherwise, China will eventually make a move that we can't stop without using nukes. A Japan with a strong military will give the Chinese reason to back off.

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