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Monday, February 14, 2005

Restaurants: Remodel or Fix The Food?

I saw this piece about restaurant remodeling, and had to add my two cents. I've been in almost all of the restaurants mentioned. Since I originally am from Southern California, I have witnessed the changes and in some cases the failures of local SoCal eateries.
There are more reasons than just the decor that cause a chain to fail, or succeed. IHOP started to raise their prices so high that they have trouble competing with Denny's. Sizzler allowed the quality of the food to degrade, as well as raising prices. Rubio's and Jack In The Box started out as carry-out/drive through style restaurants. They are just trying to get a little more of the pie.
CPK is too expensive for some areas. And the article shows how GOOD FOOD can be a deciding factor with its mention of In-N-Out. One of the chains not mentioned is Tommy's which has remodeled some of its stores to give customers a place to sit inside, yet the main reason for customer loyalty is their good food at a great price.

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