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Monday, February 14, 2005

LA Times Misleads The Readers

The LA Times has this piece about what to do about the Iran/Korea situation. At first blush, the reader is led to think that our government should use whatever means necessary to stop the nuclear ambitions of those miscreant countries. But as one reads on, the same old stuff rears its ugly head. Here's a sentence that the hawkish among us would love:

"The way to find out is for the Bush administration to push harder. It has been too passive with Iran and North Korea."

Great! Let's getem now!!! But hold on. In the very next sentence, the LA Times ambushes us:

"Washington should help the three European nations offer Iran extra trade benefits if it limits its nuclear program to producing energy."

Those sound like two opposites to me. The same old stuff from the LA Times. Neville Chamberlain would be proud!

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