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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Labanese Assasination Good Timing For The US

It's strange how things work out sometimes. The Syrians have had armed forces in Lebanon for a long time. The soldiers were sent into Lebanon to stop the civil war there. They have remained, ostensibly to prevent a recurrence of the fighting. In the mean time, Syria has allowed, and even facilitated the movement of money and insurgents across their border into Iraq, to fight US troops there, and destabilize the country. On one hand they are trying to stop violence, and the other they are fomenting it. The US is tired of the Syrian position on Iraq. They have been warned that action may be necessary to stop Syria's aiding of the insurgents.
Then, an assasination occurs, that has put the Lebanon situation on the front burner. This creates great leverage in the campaign against Syria. The next few weeks will be very interesting, as the Lebanese are in a virtual civil war mode again. But this time it's against the Syrian occupation forces. The Lebanese people could very well break into open revolt, which would aid the US position, forcing Syria to concede to UN and US demands. We shall see.

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