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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Education In California Threatened By Illegals

The piece in the LA Times I have highlighted is for informational purposes only. It is meant to highlight the crisis in schooling in areas where illegal immigration has been a problem. The demographic breakdown of the failing schools, and failing students is strongly delineated by race.
The areas where the illegals (mostly hispanics) have been allowed to enroll their kids in school are the areas that are failing. The demographic is indisputable. It isn't racism. It's just a fact.
The Federal government has not helped much by forcing most school districts to allow the enrollment of these children, without special dispensation for teaching them English. The kids have been taught, albeit not very well, in a what is called bi-lingual environment. This has subverted the overall teaching requirements to the breaking point. Now each group is taught in a virtual vacuum compared to the other group. That takes away direct instruction time from both sides of the language spectrum. Hence the failure of the districts, that were once the model of schooling for the United States. Until our leaders get a handle on the porous border situation, this will continue, and get only worse.
I have long thought that the states should be able to sue the Federal government for failure to prevent this influx of illegals. It affects the entire infrastructure of the Southwestern area.

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