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Sunday, February 20, 2005

LA Times Writer Is Clueless

A piece in the Los Angeles Times has me a little pissed off. The writer, Tim Rutten has apparently no regard for the life of government operatives, those who work behind the scenes to protect the country. The incident he cites is about the revealing of a CIA operative's identity. That is all it is about. Not about anything else. The identity of our covert operatives must remain secret. Our country has had enough trouble with the emasculating of the CIA by Bill Clinton. It's because of this stupid thinking that the 9/11 events went so smoothly for the bad guys. One can only speculate that if the CIA had been able to infiltrate Al Qaeda, there is a chance that the operation could have been sniffed out, and prevented. The liberals on the Left still insist that it's all the fault of the CIA, yet don't want to allow that organization the ability to perform its duties. It is especially egregious that the exposure of the operative is passed off as not as important as the "rights" of those who leaked the information, or those who protect them.
Mr Rutten quotes the following:

"Executives at the New York Times and at Time said they intend to appeal this week's ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary, and to push for legislative protections that should long ago have been enacted. Their efforts deserve the broadest possible support because what is being played out here is neither special pleading nor — as some particularly obtuse commentators have characterized it — institutional disrespect for the rule of law. Precisely the opposite is the case. Journalists do not gather or report information merely to satisfy their own curiosity or for their employer's profit. They do so as surrogate stewards of the people's right to speak and publish as they choose. The existence of a free press going about its responsibilities unfettered by governmental intrusion is the practical vindication of the individual's constitutional liberties."

First, the New York Times is about as far Left leaning as a newspaper can be. It wants to emasculate not only the CIA, but the military as well. It quoted the Abu Graib stuff as "bad as the Nazi death camps". Or something like that. And the idea that the government is fettering the free press by protecting the covert tactics necessary to protect our way of life is absurd.
The very right of free speech will not exist if we are taken down. It starts from within. Look what happened to the Roman Empire. It was the weakening of the empire from internal strife that allowed the outside marauders to overrun Rome.
And speaking of liberties, don't the members of our government have the right to privacy?
Chew on that, when you expose them to possible assasination.

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