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Sunday, February 20, 2005

European Countries Falling Into The 20th Century Trap

The Euros have forgotten WW2, I guess. They are advocating negotiation with Iran over their attempt to obtain nuclear capability. Here's a quote from the latest:

"On Iran, the Europeans hope to negotiate an agreement giving Tehran a peaceful nuclear energy program, national security guarantees and an array of economic benefits in return for a pledge not to seek atomic weapons and to open its facilities to international inspection. The Bush administration, which has no direct contact with Iran, has rejected European pressure to join the talks."

I guess they don't remember allowing Germany to build up its military capability during the 1930's. Eyes were averted as the airplanes, tanks and submarines, all of which were expressly forbidden by the Versailles Treaty, were produced in enough numbers that suddenly Germany was able to dominate Europe in warfare. It's kind of strange that the US, being out of range of the puny missiles that Iran possesses, is the one main force behind the demand for Iran's stopping nuclear production. I guess this time Paris will have to be obliterated by a nuclear blast, instead of just occupied by enemy forces as happened in 1940. Or maybe they hope that Tel Aviv will be the target. Yep, that's it. This is their chance to rid the world of the Jewish state once and for all. Really sad.

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