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Friday, February 18, 2005

Medical SNAFU'S For Sodiers Injured In Iraq

The military seems to have forgotten how to handle the medical necessities for injured and wounded soldiers returning home from war zones. I know it's been a long time since the military has had to deal with a fairly large number of casualties. The last time was in Vietnam. The article I have highlighted here says:

"Defense officials and the GAO blamed the wartime crush of wounded part-time troops for overburdening a military health system that has not seen such an onslaught since World War II."
Well, again both Vietnam and the Korean conflict had a large number of casualties. Korea's were about the same as in Vietnam, but compressed into three years. Both of those conflict's
casualties were much higher than the current Iraq situation.
It's strange to me that with all of the training that our military receives, the medical resources have not been updated as well. It's time for accountability. Somebody dropped the ball, or maybe the casualties weren't supposed to be so high.

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