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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's Fred Dalton Thompson?

If you watch the NBC show Law & Order you know the face. You know the deeep voice, the straightforward, no nonsense character of the DA. The actor is Fred Dalton Thompson, former US Senator from Tennessee. Mr Thompson served two terms and then stepped down voluntarily to take up acting full time. He is the conservative candidate who has been missing from the scene for the Republican Party for quite some time now. (Sorry to Tom Tancredo).
I suggest that everybody who wants a real conservative; one who is pro life, pro 2nd Amendment, and against rewarding illegals for breaking US law, to take a look at Mr Thompson. He is considering running for President of the United States.
Apparently he appeared on FOX over the weekend, and a groundswell of support seems to be coming.
There is an online petition that will be sent to Mr Thompson, here.
If you are tired of the Dems in office (already), but don't care for the RINO candidates currently available for the GOP, click the link and vote!

I'll be back


PS As more information becomes available, I will post it asap.


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