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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Young Illegals Can Be Tracked

I ran across this link from Drudge today. It is about non-adult Mexican illegals who cross the border and what happens to them. Apparently they are turned over directly to Mexican authorities, instead of being released just inside Mexico at the closest border crossing.
I haven't heard anywhere about this, but a thought comes to mind. Since there are so many illegals who are deported, yet return within a very short time, and we know that is true, shouldn't the underage illegals be tracked, and the results made public?
If these underage illegals are returning to the US in significant numbers, then the Mexican government can be held accountable. How about billing Mexico for the cost of the incarceration and deportation of these kids? For that matter, let's bill them for all of the illegals in the country. Bill them for the crime, blight, cost of arrests, etc.
Just a thought. Good idea?

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