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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Letter To My Senator

I just sent this message to Tom Harkin, the Lefty senator from Iowa. Chances are I won't hear anything back from him, but you never know. Here's the email:

"Dear Senator, I am extremely unhappy with your voting record on immigration, and especially your voting record on illegals, and the new AMNESTY BILL being debated in the Senate. Just because Iowa is in the middle of our country, and far from the border, doesn't mean that Iowans should sit by and watch this invasion from Mexico. I am a long time Los Angeles, CA resident (recently to Iowa) and can say vehemently that the invasion is real, it is bad and it hurts all law abiding Americans. If your voting does not change, I will be aiding whoever runs against you in the next election. Your record is public, and unacceptable. Click the link below and read about the next group of Hispanics ready to come across. The reality is there. By the way, Hispanics who are here legally are against illegal immigration. They see that you and the other senators who are supporting amnesty are simply attempting to court the Hispanic vote. They see your charade. They will not vote for you because you want illegals to violate our laws and then get rewarded for their illegal activities."


Hope it works.....

I'll be back



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