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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Michelle Malkin Agrees With Me On The UCSC Outrage

Earlier this morning I sent an email to the chancellor of UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz) regarding the violation of the rights of military recruiters on campus, by a student organization called SAW. Students Against War used intimidation and sit-in style tactics to force the recruiters to leave the campus. The university made no attempt to stop the protesters; simply providing a safe exit for the recruiters, who were there by Federal Law.
My statements in that email (to follow) have been basically restated on Michelle Malkin's website later today. Clink the link. Here's the body of my email, sent this morning, 0920 CDT:

I am amazed and appalled that the UCSC administration has allowed the SAW group (Students Against War) to bully and threaten members of our military who were on your campus to provide recruiting information to potential new members of that military.
I hope the federal funds that your college receives are eliminated until you do something about this infringement of the rights of others is ended.
No one had the right to take away the lawful rights of others by disguising it as "exercising free speech".

Craig Clemens
Ames, Iowa

I'll be back



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