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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mideast Countries Still Don't Get It

So now Syria is helping Iran. What else is new? I've said many times that these guys aren't too bright. Living in the desert for a lifetime apparently fries the brain. What part of "we won't allow Iran to become nuclear capable" don't they understand?
And the larger question: If we used the ridiculous reason of WMD's to invade Iraq, what makes the idiots in charge in Iran and Syria think we won't hesitate for a moment to nail them to the cross (love that metaphor) if necessary?
Of course, Syria would be easier, militarily. It would only take a day or two. But Iran might be the better catch in the long run. The young people there have had a large taste of Western life, and now with their leader trying to clamp down on everything relating to the USA, it might be a good move to encourage an insurrection, with our help. Iraq could help!!! Gotta Love that.
The "Den Of Thieves" has now admitted they are in cahoots. What a bunch of loons.
It makes me happy, knowing we now have the right to trash them if necessary.

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