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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fox News Channel Segment On Torture

I'm watching FOX right now, it's Saturday 12/17/2005. There's this clown David Corn who wrote some book The Nation, I believe it's called. He is arguing against torture and other rough treatment of the bad guys in the war on terror.
The moderator keeps asking him "what about the success of torture in the case of the guy who was going to try to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge?" Instead of answering the question, he rolls off onto a "by and large torture doesn't work" rant.
He was asked the question at least three times. He was also asked about Khalid Sheik Mohammad, who caved almost immediately when "water boarded".
Mr Corn failed to respond, thereby removing any credibility he might have had before the segment started.
These types of individuals like to make all kinds of statements against the government, the military, and the president in the way the terror war is being fought. But when they get their way, and then another attack occurs in the US, they will be the first ones to scream that not enough is being done.

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