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Monday, September 26, 2005

National Infrastructure Is Vital

All the years of foot dragging by the feds has finally caught up with us. National Security is not just fighting terrorism. The security of our nation needs to be just as importantly directed to natural occurances that can disrupt power, food and medical care to the people.
The situation along the Gulf Coast has been a burning powderkeg, along the lines of the failure of the government to prevent, or at least forsee the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Stuff happens, most of the time. But sometimes the stuff that happens can be prevented, or at least planned for to reduce the negative impact of whatever the occurence might be.
To be honest, I didn't personally know that New Orleans was a city mostly below sea level. I have been aware, even as a child of the situation in Holland. Almost the entire country is below sea level. The system of dykes they use, with partioning of segments of area prevents the sort of catastrophe that occured a couple of weeks ago in Lousiana.
It's amazing that the politicians (mostly Dems) who have been responsible for the protection (or lack thereof) the area in regards to flooding have been able to get away with their failures for such a long time.
It's not a Federal situation, actually. The local officials needed to make their needs shown, much more vehemently than historically happened. Those officials were Dems.....99%
Those who point fingers at George Bush for being constantly trying to protect the oil interests of our country, well what happened here?
I can't imagine that the president would want his oil interests to fail, via a flood or two in the Southern regions of our country.

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