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Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Of The Same From Gary Hart

This piece from the old Democratic loser Gary Hart is sad, it is so misguided. There are so many claims and statements in it that I can't believe he wrote it with a straight face. Here's a typical quote:

"Harry Truman created international networks that repaired the damage of World War II and defeated communism"

Now I actually admire the job Truman did after The War, but he fell down a notch in dealing with the Korea issue.
But the last time I checked, it was Ronald Reagan who set the groundwork for WINNING the cold war.
The rest of his diatribe can best be described as more of the same. "We are in a quagmire" type rhetoric that doesn't view the World in a realistic manner. He states:

"History will deal with George W. Bush...."

He's right, but not the way he thinks. The final outcome of getting the Middle East onto the same page as the rest of the world, with freedom for women and Democracy in the governments will surely make Bush look very good. Even great.

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