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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gas Tax Dollars Down

This piece about the loss of gas tax revenue in several states has me thinking that the legislatures, as usual, were short sighted in their failure to make greater efforts to reduce the price of gasoline.
Anyone with half a brain knows that as any item goes up in price, the demand for it will drop. Sometimes that has residual consequences, like the loss of the tax revenue that is built in to every gallon of gas we comsume.
It reminds me of when that stupid "luxury tax" was passed, back in the 1980's. When cars and boats priced higher than $30K had a special tax added to their cost, it hurt the car and boat industries, as people stopped buying those types of things. Congress had to repeal the tax, as it was putting some companies out of business.
Until we elect members of Congress who have brains, we will suffer similar ignominies.

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