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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Another School Admistration Just Doesn't Get It

This latest story about the high school kid talking on his cell phone with his mom, who is a soldier over in Iraq, is just another example of the ridiculous rules that have been established by school administrators around the country. According to the piece, the boy was in the lunch area, and received a cell phone call from his mother, a once a month event. Now if he was in the lunch area, one might realistically assume that it was during lunch. The school people say their rule against cell phone use on campus is:

"to preserve instructional time and decorum in our schools"

Now I'm pretty sure that instructional time during lunch is at a minimum. Most likely the state even has prohibitions on the school's requiring study during the lunch break. So maybe the decorum thing is the predicate here. If the boy was using profanity, then it falls within the rights of the school to suspend him for the profanity. But taking the cell phone away from him is probably illegal. But the issue is still the enforcement of a rule that shouldn't even exist. The lunch period should provide the students some time to themselves, as long as their activities aren't disruptive or illegal. Another backward set of rules from a backward area of the country.

I'll be back


PS: Here's the site of the school, with email availability of those in charge. Give 'em hell


As of right now, all three of the emails on the site have been shut off. Hiding under their desks, as Bill O'Reilly would say.

So here's the emails of the school board:



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