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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Bush Bashing Energy Piece, With No Answers

Eugene Robinson's piece is just another example of those on the Left bashing the president, this time about energy and gas prices, while providing no ideas in lieu of our current policies. First there is the American "love of the car". Well, what else is new? This country is large. It is the most advanced country in the world. If Russia was as modern as the US, it would be travelling by car as well. And look at China, with its recent rise in demand for oil up 16% in one year. Then the sly little mention of no immediate relief to high gas prices. Where's the magic wand? The president mentions nuclear power, using France as an example. Robinson ignores the fact that the Left has continuously fought against the proliferation of nuclear power plants, and instead attacks the use of coal as a power source. Never mind that coal is our most abundant natural resource. The mentioning of coal being an unclean resource is accurate. But the oil from Saudi Arabia has a high sulpher content, which requires special (more expensive) refining techniques. The idea that no one would want a LNG terminal in their area is absurd. There are many who are fighting to get the terminals put in their area, as it would provide jobs and tax revenue to the local cities. The president has suggested putting new refineries in land that is already owned by the Federal government. He has offered up the closed military bases as such.
And who cares if some rich jerks have to see windmills out their back doors? Wind technology is far under used. There are areas of the country that have virtually constant winds, with little or no people living in the area to complain. Solar power is free, and would generate enough electricity to run most of the trains and passenger cars in the future. Let's stop bashing Bush, and try to be constructive.
By the way, I can think of two songs about cars that aren't American. The Beatles did "Baby You Can Drive My Car", and Queen did "I'm In Love With My Car". There are probably a lot more, I just can't bring them off the top of my head.
Let's try to be proactive, not reactive. Let's try to build, not tear down. I know it's a novel idea to those on the left. But they haven't had any really good ideas since JFK.

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