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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Robert Scheer Gets Most Of It Right, This Time

Bobby has written a pretty good piece, but there is still some tunnel vision in his description of went on in Vietnam after the US pullout. By the way, he makes a point to say that the US lost the war....several times. I have stated many times that we chose not to win, but lets go to the point of my piece here. Scheer writes about what transpired after the US pullout:

"Rather than joining to squash the capitalist West, as the domino theory argued, these revolutionized countries most often battled one another. After our defeat by communist Vietnam, for example, Hanoi promptly diverted its troops to defend against an invasion from communist China. Now these historical rivals compete for shelf space in Costco and Wal-Mart. The exploitation of their cheap labor by gleeful Western investors is renewed proof of the viability of Marx's labor theory of value and the dominance of capital."

The problem with that passage is Scheer's failure to describe the murderous purge that occured after the pullout. Close to a million people were murdered by the forces of North Vietnam. The ridiculous idea that there was some sort of diversion of troops in any great number to the border with China is unsupported by the facts. The killing of millions of innocent people in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia happened because of the US pullout.
Hey Bobby, get your story straight.

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