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Friday, May 06, 2005

Too Much Security In DC?

This piece in the LA Times is chilling. I have had similar treatment, and reactions to it, at the airport. In three flights (two out of Des Moines, one out of LAX), I have been pulled aside for "the treatment" on two occasions. So much for the 2% or whatever it is that the number of random searches is supposed to be. This type of activity is a waste of time and money. The bad guys aren't going to get caught that way. When a person's tickets are printed, there is a code on the boarding pass that indicates the special search. If the person were an actual terrorist, they could simply get out of line and leave the airport, with nobody being the wiser. Any well planned terrorist attack would have the would be attackers trained on what to look for on their boarding pass. In Des Moines, the guy at the counter even told me that I was going to be searched. If I were a bad guy, I would have been able to leave the airport, unimpeded. Instead of looking for (profiling) the real bad guys, the Feds have the entire country on edge for no reason.

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