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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Guy Who Doesn't Get The Border Problem

I found this blog on Michelle Malkin's site. This guy doesn't get it. He talks about the border and it being OK to have illegals come across to work. I guess he thinks everyone crossing illegally is coming to work. As Bill O'Reilly says: "He's living in the land of Oz". As I've stated, and the facts bear it out, the people coming across are lawbreakers just by the fact they are breaking immigration laws. Most Hispanics who are in the US legally are against illegal border crossing, as every poll taken has indicated. The states that border Mexico have a huge prison population of illegals. Street gangs in Los Angeles are largely illegals. Others are crossing the border as well. It's not just Mexicans. Islamic prayer rugs have been found in the desert in areas that are frequented by the illegal crossers. When the next 9/11 occurs, the chances are it will be shown that the perpetrators came across the US/Mexico border. I wonder if the professor will notice.
Probably not.

I'll be back



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