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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Corruption In Iraq To End?

This piece in the LA Times is good news, if it works. It's obvious to me that the amount of violence against the Iraqi army and police forces is too high to be anything other than an inside job situation. Too many times the insurgents are able to ambush and kill many Iraqi officials and defence forces, when those killed should have been able to defend themselves. It tells me that there have to be many on the inside who are supporting the insurgents, in an effort to bring down the new government. Until these individuals are ferreted out, the country will never be safe. Here is an exerpt:

...."representatives of the new Shiite administration have harshly assailed the outgoing Interior Ministry, which is in charge of internal security, as riddled with insurgent informants and sympathizers of Hussein's former Baathist regime."

Donald Rumsfeld fears that some of those who are eliminated could be valuable officers who are caught up in the purge. He might be right, but those who are innocent could help their own cause by turning in those who need to be eliminated. It's quite likely that there is a "code of silence" like the one that exists inside police forces. Those who do wrong are not fingered by the good guys. Those who stand silent are just as guilty as the real culprits, in my world.
Let the purge begin.

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