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Friday, March 04, 2005

California Voters Are Strange

The link is to the latest Field Poll. The poll indicates that Californians don't favor driver's licenses for illegals. Problem is, the findings don't match the way California's voters select their representatives. California has consistently voted for liberals, primarily Democrats over the last 25 years. Those liberals have been against stemming the flow of illegals across the border, or at least have encouraged them with spending programs that support bi-lingual education for undocumented individuals and with offers of amnesty to those who have successfully broken the law by entering California illegally. Clearly they have been courting the Hispanic voters.
Yet now the Field Poll shows a major backlash to illegals in California. The only ethnic group polled that favors the issuing of driver's licenses to illegals is the Hispanics. Wow, what a surprise.
I still wonder though, if the voters in California are capable of seeing the connection between their voting patterns and the problem with illegals. The only way to know will be to wait and see. Will the next election show a shift in voter's attitudes? Or will the liberal agendas of those running for elective office in California continue to fool the electorate?
By the way, I lived in California for over 50 years, so I do have some background on this issue.

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