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Monday, February 28, 2005

Gang Mentality In Ireland Under Attack

I've never had reason to be a member of a group or organization that had to have a reason to lie about its activities. So lying or not coming forward with information about bad stuff I knew was happening wasn't my problem. But through life, we have all encountered those groups and organizations that do bad stuff. Labor Unions, Political Parties, Various Police Organizations, Prison Inmates, Fraternities, Various Governments, High School Cliques, you name it, you know what I mean. In reality they are all easy to quantify. They are all a form of the "pack" mentality. In reality, they are no better than glorified gangs. It starts as children, when we hide stuff from our parents, because we are protecting our brothers and sisters. The next step is to be a part of gangs or other anti-establishment organizations. Even those who join fraternal units like the Boy Scouts, or student government learn early on that the need for secrecy is an effective way to get ahead. It helps to get others to trust you. Just not the authorities.
The Irish Republican Army is such a group. They have real reason to protect their own, I guess.
They still go around maiming and killing people; then pretending that they don't know who did it. The piece highlighted here is an interesting exposure of one incident in the IRA's sordid history. Hopefully the perpretrators will be brought to justice.

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