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Monday, February 28, 2005

Bush Has Euros On Board In Iran Issue, Finally

It seems that the Euros have finally got it figured out. The idea of Iran having nuclear weapons is not good for them. It took way too long, because they were so focused on hating the president that their own REAL interests were being ignored. But now the Iranians are facing a united front that they probably didn't expect. While Putin in Russia has not really gotten on board yet, the rest of the important Euro players are ready, along with the US, to put pressure on Iran.
I still have a problem with economic and diplomatic sanctions though. It still reminds me of WW2, when the reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor was because FDR put economic and diplomatic sanctions on them. Sounds familiar. Of course, sticking the San Diego based fleet into the Japanese sphere of influence was a temptation Yamamoto couldn't resist. One would hope that there aren't any critical US targets in the range of Iranian missiles.
As I've said before, the Euros probably need to suffer the first attack; then they'll be ready for action.

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