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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Trouble In Chechnya Linked To World War 2

As I have stated quite often, the makeup of the political and demographic world we live in is a direct result of what happened in and shortly after Word War 2. An article in the LA Times points that out:

"In 1944, Chechens' deportation to Kazakhstan began that day on the orders of Josef Stalin, who accused them of collaborating with the invading Nazis."

The article is about an offer of a cease fire by Chechen seperatists, in their conflict with Russia.
The Chechens were deported because Josef Stalin was fooled by German communications with Islamic dissidents that encouraged the People in Islamic areas of the Soviet Union to rise up and fight alongside the Nazis, against the USSR. Virtually averybody in the area was uprooted and sent across the Urals, with many dying or disappearing as a result. The people of Chechnya were continuously under the Soviet boot, until the breakup of the USSR.
It turned out that the people of Chechnya never really planned on joining forces with Germany, but instead were unjustly treated by Stalin. But that was Stalin's way of doing things.
The fact that Vladimir Putin is dealing with the Chechnya situation as did Stalin shows that Russia hasn't changed much:

"President Vladimir V. Putin has long refused to negotiate with separatist leaders, and officials Monday left no doubt that they would not take Maskhadov up on his cease-fire offer."

Further, that article states:

"Since Putin believes that his political career is closely connected with the Chechen war, he doesn't want to hear anything about the termination of hostilities," said committee leader Valentina Melnikova. "We finally figured out that peaceful appeals fell on deaf ears on Putin's side, so we had to address the other side, the field commanders."

At least for now, I don't see much difference in Russia's modus operandi. They are still the same old USSR, just a smaller version.

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