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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Intifada, The Act of Infants?

The idea of suicide bombing in the Palestinian conflict with Israel is being looked at again by those whose families were directly affected by the attacks: the families of the suicide bombers themselves. My idea has been that the idea of the suicide attack is what I would call infantile. It is nothing more than an extreme tantrum. The ultimate feet kicking, bawling biting response to what is perceived as an unwinnable confrontation. This article in the Chicago Tribune says it all:


The Israelis tactics against the families of the bombers has always been criticized by the rest of the world (but not me), yet it looks like it has proved to be effective in the long run. I have advocated that the US should have responded to the 9/11 attacks in exactly the same way. Some respond: "That's what the Nazis did" All I say is, it works. Revenge is sweet. Strength and power are the only thing that is respected in the Middle East. Negotiation is viewed widely as weakness. Now Israel is proving they knew what they were doing.

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