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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Iran Speaking In Cicles About Nukes

Iran has said that their nuclear research and development is for producing electricity, not bombs. Now a member of the Iranian government has stated that if attacked, Iran will accelerate its nuclear development. ?? What I hear is: we aren't making bombs, but if you attack our non bomb facilities, we will increase production of ....(bombs). See the article:


It's strange how these morons think they are fooling the world. I guess they haven't studied 20th century Europe. Germany wasn't making tanks (it was tractors), or warplanes (passenger planes and cropdusters). The world found out soon enough. FDR knew what was up, but the public in the United States was too anti war (afraid of it) to allow any kind of build up by our forces, or anything more than economic retaliation. World War 2 was the result. Now it's time to nip it in the bud. Iran has a few missiles that can reach targets friendly to the US, including Israel. If an interdiction of the Iranian nuclear facilities occurs, Iran might launch missiles in response. Well, just between you and me, it would be better if the retaliation was non-nuclear than if we wait and find that the attack would be nuclear.

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