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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More Whining About Law Breaking Kids

The LAPD is being attacked again, for doing its job. One person even has called the boy's death murder:

"Audience member Deborah Anderson, 37, said she attended the meeting to "support the family of the boy who was murdered. I think it was a wrongful death by the Police Department…. Children tend to be mischievous, but they shouldn't have to die."

Police Chief William J. Bratton has been forced to change department policy on shooting at moving vehicles. The problem with that is, what could have been changed? The car was driven directly toward the officers, crashing into their police cruiser. Were they supposed to wait until it ran over one of them? The fact that the vehicle was being driven by a 13 year old black child is unfortunate. Too bad the parents didn't know where their kid was, in the middle of the night. As usual, it's blame the police, not the parents. In fact, the parents should be arrested for negligence, and charged for manslaughter in the death of the boy.
Hear that Deborah?

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