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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

LA Times' Robert Scheer Only Hears What He Wants To

Robert Scheer wrote yesterday in the Los Angeles Times about the need for US forces to withdraw very soon. He quotes figures like this:

About 82% of Sunnis and 69% of Shiites want the U.S. military to leave "either immediately or after an elected government is in place."

Now I don't know exactly where he got his numbers. But by what is being said by those who will be making the decisions in Iraq, (the leaders) they are in no hurry to give us the boot. George Bush has said we will do as they ask. If they want us to leave, we will. But to create an artificial timetable only give the insurgents cause to fight on. They would know they could just wait us out.
By the way, Mr Scheer then veers off course by spouting BBC (left wing rag) statements about missing Iraqi oil revenue. What does that have to do with when we are leaving, Mr Scheer?
He put it this way:

"This past weekend, the nation took another embarrassing hit when the BBC reported that the United States' own auditors had found that nearly half of all oil revenues generated since the invasion cannot be accounted for — an astonishing $8.8 billion"

Scheer goes on to say what our government has already agreed to:

"But if we are asked to leave, we must do so, or expose all the talk of "liberation" as just so much Great Power rhetoric."

As I said, Robert Scheer only hears what he wants to hear. He is to busy jumping up and down in a tantrum to hear what the adults are telling him. He needs a time out, I think.

I'll be back



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