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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Family Spokesman For Dead 13 Year Old Driver Makes False Statements

Here we go again. The relatives of the 13 year old boy who stole the car in Los Angeles and was subsequently shot and killed by police are trying to foment anger against the police by lying about the circumstances involving the boy and the shooting. Here's an exerpt:

"For example, Brandon Washington, a relative who has identified himself as a spokesman for the family, said in interviews that Devin and another boy were returning home from a sleepover. The car belonged to a cousin of the other boy, Washington said. Neither family members nor the police have identified the second boy."

This is a false statement by Mr. Washington. The car was stolen four hours before the shooting, and did not belong to anyone related to the decedent. Mr. Washington also claimed that the boy was not driving the car. I guess it was on cruise control. More here quoting the police chief:

"During those four minutes, he was driving the vehicle," Bratton said. "During the other four hours [the car was missing], what was going on with the vehicle … that information we'd like to have."

Washington tried to blame the boy's behavior on the death of his father:

"The boy went into a tailspin when his father died, said Washington, who said he was a cousin. "He took it the way any young child might.""

Young child? A young child would be from ages say, two through eight. This boy was a teenager, well on the road to adulthood.
Here's another part that supports what I have written in previous articles about the incident:

"Since the father's death, family members had noticed that Devin had been staying out longer and getting in trouble at school for talking and missing some classes. He also had more time on his own."

And more here:

"This year, Devin continued to have a problem applying himself in school and sometimes missed classes, teachers said. His favorite subject was history, but he missed a month of classes, said Bryan Johnson, another history teacher."

The boy was basically unsupervised. Case closed. Officer innocent.

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