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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why Is Russia Spying So Much?

I found this one about the Russian spying that's going on in the United States. It is troublesome that our leaders haven't really reached the understanding that both Russia and China are not really our friends. They still would love to see us fall, and the fact that China is dramatically increasing its military capabilities is also of great concern...at least to me. I think we may have let our guard down a bit..(a lot?) Why is Russia concerned about their missile deterrent in regards to the US? Do they really think we would attack? Don't they know about nuclear fallout? Here is a quote:

"Officials say the Russians are after secrets about American military technology and hardware, dual-use technology such as the latest lasers, and the Administration's plans and intentions regarding the former Soviet states, China, the Middle East and U.S. energy policy, among other matters. Russia also wants to learn as much as possible about its biggest strategic worry: the U.S.'s ramped-up commitment to missile defense, which could eventually threaten Moscow's nuclear deterrent."

Are we that misunderstood? Invading Iraq was one thing. It was doable. I really don't think we plan on invading the old Soviet Union.


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