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Sunday, January 30, 2005

LA Times Hiding Our Successes

Here's the kind of thing I hate..selective journalism.
The LA Times article (link below) about the Iraq voting uses the headlines:

"Iraqis Cast Ballots Amid Explosions and Anxiety
Suicide bombers and mortar rounds kill at least 17 people. Hours earlier, a rocket hit the U.S. Embassy, killing two Americans"

One would think that the killing of the two Americans was the most important thing, rather than the voting. Now don't get me wrong, every death is a tragedy, but the juxtaposition of that part was meant to take away from the real story.

Farther down the article, more is said about the attack, admitting that it was unusual.

"The attack on the embassy Saturday marked a rare direct hit for insurgents, who frequently target the sprawling complex but had never before killed anyone inside."

Finally WAY DOWN towards the bottom of the article is the best part of the story, showing that the attack was in reality a success for our forces (we caught the perpretators)

"With the help of surveillance video, 1st Cavalry Division soldiers were able to trace and arrest seven suspects believed to have taken part in the attack."

Now to me, that's selective journalism. Blatant. Unacceptable. LA Times.

Here's the entire article. You decide.


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