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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Endangered Species, Or National Security?

Here's another good one. There is a fence in Southern California, in San Diego county that has been rendered useless in preventing the onslaught of illegals coming across the border.
A local congressman there has decided that the completion of the fence is not that important.
Here's the quotes from the LA Times:

"It requires taking down a whole mountainside and filling in a canyon. It's an environmental disaster," said Rep. Bob Filner (D-San Diego), whose district includes the border area. "It destroys open space, and it is not necessarily needed or wanted by border control.""It's ridiculous to destroy it all for a very minor increase in protection," he said

So the congressman feels that our national security should take a back seat to protecting the environment. His statements have not even been backed up by every study that has been made.

The fact that there is so much foot traffic through the area is damaging to the environment.
Rep Duncan Hunter is for the fence:

"A true environmentalist would want to close that gap," Hunter said. "The estuary gets pounded by the traffic of folks being smuggled into the United States. There have been hundreds of trails cut deep by the smugglers"

Sounds like the environmental issue is a smokscreen put up by immigration crybabies.

Here is the entire article:


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