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Sunday, January 30, 2005

opening shots

I'm starting this site with the caveat: I'm here to respond to the blogs and comments of others. In some instances I will be congratulatory. More often I will be challenging somebody. In addition, I will be showing the wrong-headed ideas of public figures.
Politicians and Newspeople, Private Citizens and Clergy....all have agendas I will criticize.
Most of what I say is based on my extensive knowledge of world history. My statement is, if one doesn't know history, one cannot comment on current events. Everything happening in the world is a result of what has occured before.
Ted Kennedy would have us back in the 1920's when this country was isolated by public sentiment, much to the detriment of the subsequent events in Europe and Asia. That's World War II, for the uninformed.
I was just watching Tora-Tora-Tora last night. It showed the final result of our country not getting involved in world events until too late. By the time FDR decided to confront the Japanese about their activities in Manchuria, it was too late.
It's amazing to me the foolishness of the college students of today. They (most of them) have no idea what happened in the mid 20th century, yet the things that are happening today are a direct result of those times.
I'll be back.
Craig C


Blogger GM Roper said...

Great start, even better than mine on gm's corner. Take them on, all of them, and give your take on them. I'm looking forward to reading this blog.

30 January, 2005 14:42  

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