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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Showing Off For Dad

I don't write too much about sports here, but I'm a great fan of college football. Today there was an injury that was the direct result (in my opinion) of a son showing off for his father.
The Oklahoma Sooners were at home playing Iowa State. The game was well in hand late in the fourth quarter, with Oklahoma dominating. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma's primary (NFL bound) running back races for the end zone on a 53 yard run. At the last second, as Peterson was crossing the two yard line to score, he showboats with a strange dive into the end zone. I've seen the replay at least ten times. The dive was showboating and not necessary.
Sure enough, Peterson hurts himself on the play. He has a broken collar bone and is most likely lost for the season.
What made this young man do this? His father had just gotten out of prison and was watching his son play college football for the first time.
Showboating for dad. Hurts the team a lot.
The commentators on TV are saying it may trigger Peterson's early exit from college football to make himself available for the NFL draft.

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