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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alcoholics Rejoice!!

Click the title bar and see what I'm spouting about. It's what the drinkers have long waited for. Destroy your liver, get another for another 40-50 years of boozing it up!
We live in a great world.

I'll be back



Blogger Jonathan Potts said...

Not everyone with chronic liver disease is an alcoholic, nor does everyone who requires a liver transplant suffer from chronic liver disease. Some of those people who contracted Hepatitis A after eating at a Chi-Chi's in Pennslyvania a couple of years ago required liver transplants. Liver disease is not as well understood as other ailments. Some people have fatty livers, for example, even though they are not overweight.

Certainly, given the scarcity of organs available for transplant, it is reasonable to suggest that those who need a new liver due to drug abuse should be low on the list. But to suggest that this would only benefit those who have willingly abused their livers is highly misleading.

25 January, 2007 10:12  

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