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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

FBI Under Clinton Failed Often

Click the title piece and view what's there. The FBI was derelict in its duty numerous times during the Clinton administration, because the leader of the FBI was a Clinton guy. That's my take on it. Here's the timiline:

The report said the FBI had substantial evidence that Leung actually was a Chinese spy, but waited until May 2001 to begin investigating the matter and whether she had a source within the Los Angeles office. Fine faulted the senior bureau official in charge of the counterintelligence division for the delay.

Neil Gallagher headed the FBI's counterintelligence operations at the time. He retired in November 2001.

``It is particularly puzzling that the assistant director did not suspect Smith because the assistant director was overseeing the Robert Hanssen espionage investigation at the time,'' he said.

Even then, a preliminary report concluded that ``an espionage relationship between an FBI employee and Leung is unlikely,'' Fine said.

Finally, a special task force was created in 2002 after FBI Director Robert Mueller, on the job for only a few months, expressed concern about the pace and scope of the investigation. Mueller asked for the inspector general's review.

So Bush gets the new guy in at the FBI and things get fixed. Or at least recognized as a problem. Hey Bill, what would Monica say?

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