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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Louisiana Church Shootings

With the latest news of multiple murder at a Louisiana church, one can only wonder if the individual who had his firearm was disarmed by the police during the illegal disarmament tactics that were exercised by the authorities in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Most law abiding gun owners in the New Orleans area had their legal firearms confiscated by the authorities in the wake of the devastation of the hurricane.
The excuse of the cops was "to secure law and order".
We saw how well that worked out. Roving bands of bandits and some of the police themselves proceeded to terrorize and rob the citizens of New Orleans and outlying areas, until the National Guard got involved.
Now, with most of the illegally confiscated weapons still not in the hands of their rightful owners, we see this news. A crazed gunman shoots up a church, kidnaps and then murders his ex-wife (estranged ?) and apparently just captured.
How many of the churchgoers might have been legally armed and packing if not for the actions of the "authorities" during the Katrina crisis?

And these morons have just re-elected Ray Nagin...

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